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How is a Sidecar drink made?

According to the most popular version of the Sidecar cocktail’s history, it was invented sometime in 1918. It was given the name of an American army captain stationed in Paris during World War I. He reportedly travelled on a motorbike sidecar, therefore the name. The cocktail was created in the famous Harry’s New York Bar in Paris, which also claims credit for the Between the Sheets and the White Lady. According to the organization, the Sidecar is one of the IBA’s official drinks. This indicates that the components of a Sidecar have an “official” definition:

  • Liqueur with orange and cognac (Cointreau or triple sec)
  • Citrus juice

How to prepare a Sidecar drink (3 steps)

Making a sidecar is pretty simple. The process is the same as for a Classic Margarita, except instead of using salt for the rim, you’ll use sugar. The fact that they are genuinely cousin beverages may explain why we adore the Sidecar so much. Here are the fundamental stages.

Add sugar to the glass’s rim.

Although it is not required, a Sidecar is frequently served with a sugar rim. This intensifies the flavour’s sweetness and tartness.
In a cocktail shaker, shake. Next, take the brandy, Cointreau, and lemon juice and whisk them with a few ice cubes in a cocktail shaker.

  1. Add ice to the glass after straining.
  2. In a cocktail glass, strain the beverage. Serve with an orange or lemon twist. Some individuals enjoy adding orange twist juice to their drink so the oils will scent it.
  3. Obtain the ideal sugar rim!
  4. The sugar rim is frequently served with a Sidecar drink even though it is not part of the cocktail’s “official” description. In sour drinks, a sugar rim helps to balance off the tartness. 

Here are some tips for creating a sugar rim:

The nicest sugar rim is made using superfine sugar.

Why? It adheres to the glass flawlessly since it is ground to such fineness. Granulated sugar is an option, although it tends to come off more readily. Because more comes off, the drink may become sweeter as a result.
First, run the rim of the glass with a lemon slice.

With no need to moisten your finger, this swiftly and effortlessly wets the glass.
Try to rim the glass outside.

Once more, the objective is to prevent the glass rim from slipping into the beverage.

About Cognac

A sort of French brandy prepared by distilling wine is called cognac. Cognac comes in several grades depending on how old it is:

Three stars for VSOR (2 years)

  1. VSOP(4 years) (4 years)
  2. Napoléon(6 years) (6 years)
  3. XO(10 years) (10 years)