After Hours Alcohol Tempo Gin Smash Mango Peach by Goodridge & Williams Craft Distilry

Product Specs:
Brewer Goodridge & Williams Craft Distilry
Origin Ontario, Canada
Stores LCBO
Alcohol Content 5%
Type Liquor
Category Coolers
Sub Category Coolers & Cocktails
Tags Cocktails, Coolers, Coolers & Cocktails, Light, Light Coolers, Liquor
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Tempo Gin Smash Mango Peach

Created with gin distilled in B.C. and produced in small batches, using only the finest ingredients this is a quality product. Lush mango and peach flavours are beautifully balanced and don't overshadow the elegant citrus and light juniper notes of the gin. Pair with fresh oysters or Thai cuisine.